What Is Performance Psychology?

Performance psychology focuses on human behaviour in high-stress situations. These situations can range from sports competitions to military combat, but they're all characterized by high stakes and heightened emotions. It helps people overcome problems that impede performance in these environments, such as anxiety, doubt, and depression. In addition to improving individual performance, performance psychologists also work with teams to create an optimal environment for success.

What Is Performance Psychology

How Does Performance Psychology Help?

Performance psychologists work with individuals and teams to help them achieve peak performance. They help people set goals and reach them by providing strategies for self-motivation, goal-setting, stress management, and conflict resolution. They also work with companies to help employees learn new skills, improve performance under pressure, or adapt to new situations.

Improve Performance

Learn how to perform at optimal levels by overcoming the mental barriers and behavioural limitations that get in the way of success.

Manage Procrastination

Get past excessive procrastination by learning how to better prioritize tasks, manage your time effectively, improve structure and increase self-discipline.

Improved Focus

Improve your capacity for concentration, so that you can focus on the task at hand without being distracted by extraneous thoughts or external factors.

Increasing Productivity

Increase productivity and efficiency in your work, sport, or art by improving your time management, organization skills, and discipline.

Reducing Fear

Identify the blocks that are holding you back and overcome the fears and doubts that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Better Goal Setting

Create a plan for success by learning how to set goals and break them down into smaller steps, so that you can make sure you're making progress.

Stress Management

Manage your stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed so that your performance is consistent and nothing gets in the way of your success.

Better Mental Health

Improve your overall mental health by addressing the anxiety, depression, and stress that often accompanies those who strive to achieve success.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is about helping you achieve your highest potential or supporting others in doing so. It’s about teaching you how to care for your body and mind so that you can perform at your peak level. Additionally, it is about knowing how to help others reach their potential by becoming a better teammate, coach, or trainer. Beyond improving focus, productivity, stress management, and overall mental well-being, sports therapy also tackles physiological limitations. 
As an example, sports therapy can help individuals regain confidence after injuries or if dealing with chronic pain, enabling a safe, efficient, and confident return to participating in their sport.

Increase Your Job Performance

Performance therapy is a transformative approach that empowers entrepreneurs, employees, or managers to elevate their productivity, efficiency, ambition, and organizational skills in the workplace. By identifying strengths and weaknesses, strategies and tools are developed to enhance their overall effectiveness; the goal is to help individuals understand why they are struggling in certain areas and to provide ways they can overcome obstacles to success so they can thrive in their roles.

Performance Therapists

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