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Dailyn is a trauma-informed therapist who can work with clients in both Spanish and English. She works with a variety of mental health conditions including anxiety, developmental disorders, depression, trauma, eating disorders, gender and sexuality, families, trauma and more. Dailyn doesn’t believe that one size fits all, but she believes it is important to build a strong therapeutic relationship with her clients.
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Mental Health Concerns

When working with adults, Dailyn specializes in a variety of modalities including EMDR, IFS, CBT, narrative therapy, and ACT to help clients overcome anger issues, trauma & PTSD, stress, anxiety, self-esteem issues, depression, chronic pain, domestic violence, codependency, gender and sexuality, grief, and burnout.

Beyond working with adults, Dailyn has multiple years of experience working with youths and their families treating developmental disorders and behavioural issues. She is trained in play-informed therapy and has specific training for ADHD, learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder.
Anxiety Disorders Individual Therapy


Identify the root cause of your anxiety, develop resilience and learn to cope with your generalized anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, OCD, panic attacks or phobias so you can lead a fulfilling life.
Depression Individual Therapy


Identify, understand, and work through the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that are making you feel depressed and learn effective coping strategies to help you overcome them to live a happier life.
Trauma and PTSD Individual Therapy

Trauma & PTSD

Understand, process, and work through the difficult emotions and memories that are causing you pain after the traumatic experience in a safe and non-judgmental environment to help you recover and heal.
Childhood Trauma Individual Therapy

Childhood Trauma

If you have experienced trauma as a child, counselling can help you understand, process and heal from what has happened to you so that you can move on with confidence, strength and resilience.
Self Esteem Individual Therapy

Self Esteem

Reframe your thoughts and experiences to challenge the unhelpful beliefs that harm your self-image so that you can start to feel good about yourself and live your life with confidence and self-love.

Emotion Regulation

Develop the skills necessary to regulate your emotions by learning how to rethink situations to reduce anger or depression, identify and challenge unhelpful thinking patters, and be mindful to reduce anxiety and stress.

Intrusive Thoughts

Learn to recognize, challenge, and take control of unwanted intrusive thoughts, images, and feelings that negatively impact your day-to-day life.

Sleep Concerns

Sleep deprivation can have a significant impact on mental health. Understand the underlying causes of your issues and develop a routine to improve the quality of your sleep.

Children & Youth

Child and youth counselling is tailored to their developmental stage, personality traits, and interests to ensure that they feel safe and supported in a fun and engaging environment.
Relationship Issues Individual Therapy

Couples Issues

Work together to get through rough patches, improve communication, nurture intimacy, rebuild trust, set boundaries, make parenting decisions, and handle separation or divorce constructively.

Family Counselling

Regardless of your family structure, counselling can help you improve communication, set boundaries, resolve conflicts, and develop a healthy family dynamic where every member is heard and respected.

Workplace Issues

Develop the strength and resilience to cope with a variety of work issues including handling conflict, occupational stress, returning to work, employment leave, motivation issues and feeling stuck.

Conflict Resolution

Learn how to resolve conflicts in a healthy and productive way without compromising your own values, integrity, boundaries or self-respect so that everyone involved feels heard and respected.
Stress Individual Therapy

Stress and Burnout

Learn to reduce your stress and prevent burn out by practicing mindfulness, implementing relaxation techniques, setting boundaries, doing things you enjoy and prioritizing self-care.


Identify and change the patterns of behaviour that make it difficult for you to make decisions, ask for help, set boundaries, be alone, or stop yourself from feeling responsible for other people’s behaviours.
Grief and loss Individual Therapy

Grief and Loss

Grieve your loss at your pace in a caring and supportive environment as you move through the different stages of grief and begin to take the steps to move on from your loss and heal.


Learn effective strategies tailored to your unique struggles to help you manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life, as well as keep up with daily tasks at home, at work, or in school.

Personality Disorders

Get a better understanding of your personality disorder and learn how to better cope with the feelings and behaviours that come with it, improve relationships, and build a greater self-worth.

Learning Disabilities

Having a learning disability can be frustrating, but counselling can help you understand your disorder, build a better relationship with it and learn different ways to manage your symptoms.

Eating Disorders

Develop healthy coping skills, identify the triggers that may lead to relapse, and learn to nurture a positive self-image to give you the power and confidence to take back control of your life.
Anger Issues Individual Therapy


Regain control in your life and learn how to control your anger by improving communication skills, expressing yourself in healthy ways, learning to relax, reframing your thoughts, and practicing gratitude.

Gender and Sexuality

Feel supported in a safe and accepting space for you to explore your sexuality and gender identity, process and heal from discrimination, and gain the strength to come out and be your authentic self.
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Counselling Approaches

Dailyn is trained in a multitude of approaches and modalities that she uses congruently depending on the needs of her client. Her practice is client-centered and strength-based, and she also uses EMDR, internal family systems, EFIT, cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, emotional focused therapy, narrative therapy, somatic therapy, play therapy, trauma informed therapy, and mindfulness to guide her sessions with clients.
Trauma Informed Therapy
Play Therapy
Person Centered Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy
Internal Family Systems (IFS)
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

More About Dailyn

Dailyn enjoys reading, cooking watching movies and spending time with her partner, cat and dogs. She stays active and likes to spend time climbing, hiking, and backpacking in the mountains. She loves getting in touch with her creative side through dance, gardening, art and crafts. Dailyn’s culture is important to her and she tries staying in touch with it through cooking, dancing and travelling.
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