Michelle Ruiz

Registered Psychologist
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Michelle is a Registered Psychologist and a Canadian Certified Counsellor who has been supporting adult individuals achieve that growth for over 10 years. She works through an attachment lens and believes we are relational beings that desire to be seen and understood and are impacted (positively or negatively) by our first relationships. For that reason, she believes a strong therapeutic alliance between herself and her clients is important for change. Michelle works with adult clients around a variety of concerns, including depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, relational concerns, occupational stress injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and early childhood trauma.

* Available for day-time therapy sessions on Thursdays & Fridays.
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Mental Health Concerns

Do you feel that time is moving too fast and you aren’t happy with where you are? When current stressors happen do they feel excessive? Do you find yourself feeling stuck or reacting in ways that aren’t your typical self? Experiencing loss, life changes, adversities or traumas can impact us in a number of ways. Throw in our past experiences and we can often feel overwhelmed or alone. If any of those concerns are relatable know it is possible to move forward, thrive and feel supported in the process.

Michelle has over 10 years of experience working with a variety of mental health concerns including anger issues, anxiety disorders, childhood trauma, depression, grief, low self esteem, body image issues, stress and more. She works collaboratively with her clients to build new coping tools and resources that guide them towards their goals. She believes that we are so much more than our concerns or labels, so it is important to discover and revisit existing strengths and abilities.

Veterans & First Responders

Counselling can provide support for any issues related to your service or other experiences in the line of duty, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, grief or anxiety.

Mental Health Assessments

A mental health assessment can help you identify if you have any underlying mental health conditions that are impacting your quality of life such as anxiety, depression, OCD, borderline personality disorder, PTSD and more.

Work Issues

Develop the strength and resilience to cope with a variety of work issues including handling conflict, occupational stress, returning to work, employment leave, motivation issues and feeling stuck.
Trauma and PTSD Individual Therapy

Trauma & PTSD

Understand, process, and work through the difficult emotions and memories that are causing you pain after the traumatic experience in a safe and non-judgmental environment to help you recover and heal.
Stress Individual Therapy

Stress and Burnout

Learn to reduce your stress and prevent burn out by practicing mindfulness, implementing relaxation techniques, setting boundaries, doing things you enjoy and prioritizing self-care.
Self Esteem Individual Therapy

Self Esteem

Reframe your thoughts and experiences to challenge the unhelpful beliefs that harm your self-image so that you can start to feel good about yourself and live your life with confidence and self-love.
Grief and loss Individual Therapy

Grief and Loss

Grieve your loss at your pace in a caring and supportive environment as you move through the different stages of grief and begin to take the steps to move on from your loss and heal.

Domestic Violence

Whether you are currently in an abusive relationship or have escaped one, we are here to help you receive the support and resources you need to ensure you feel confident and resilient in your new life.
Depression Individual Therapy


Identify, understand, and work through the experiences, thoughts, and feelings that are making you feel depressed and learn effective coping strategies to help you overcome them to live a happier life.


Identify and change the patterns of behaviour that make it difficult for you to make decisions, ask for help, set boundaries, be alone, or stop yourself from feeling responsible for other people’s behaviours.
Childhood Trauma Individual Therapy

Childhood Trauma

If you have experienced trauma as a child, counselling can help you understand, process and heal from what has happened to you so that you can move on with confidence, strength and resilience.
Anger Issues Individual Therapy


Regain control in your life and learn how to control your anger by improving communication skills, expressing yourself in healthy ways, learning to relax, reframing your thoughts, and practicing gratitude.
Anxiety Disorders Individual Therapy


Identify the root cause of your anxiety, develop resilience and learn to cope with your generalized anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, OCD, panic attacks or phobias so you can lead a fulfilling life.
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Counselling Approaches

Michelle has been utilizing cognitive behavioural therapy, trauma informed therapy, and mindfulness therapy since she was trained in 2013. She completed her formal training in eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy in 2019 and has primarily specialized in EMDR therapy since. She also uses brainspotting which is a slower and more focused approach and can be used as an alternative to EMDR therapy.
Lifespan Integration Therapy
Strength Based Therapy (SBT)
Trauma Informed Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
Accelerated Resolution Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

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