• Joel Brooks

    Joel Brooks

    Joel’s approach to therapy involves meeting clients where they are at. He acknowledges success depends upon a variety of factors and works diligently with each client to create a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet their goals.

    He offers counselling services with children, youth, and adults. Joel’s main psychotherapy approaches include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. He currently works with clients on a variety of mental health difficulties including AnxietyDepressionLearning DisabilitiesAttention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Addictions, and Personality Disorders. Joel also offers assessment services including cognitive, academic, and social emotional assessments for children and adults.

    Joel understands the hesitancy people may have in finding a therapist that is the right fit. To ensure Joel can meet your needs, he offers a free 15-minute consultation virtually or over the phone. He is accepting new clients.

    Joel provides psychoeducational assessments to children and adults. A psychoeducational assessment evaluates various areas of cognitive and academic development. Psychoeducational assessments can provide diagnosis, clarify strengths and areas of need, provide information to create strategies for support to reduce barriers for learning.

    Joel also provides assessments evaluating possible underlying mental health conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and Personality Disorders. He then uses these assessments to build a plan including strategies, supports, interventions, and resources for accommodations.

    Clients often use these assessments to provide information to educational services (K-12 or post-secondary) and other professionals involved in their care (family doctors, psychiatrists, support workers) to access resources, supports, grants, or accommodation.


    In these roles, I have provided consultation, assessment, diagnoses, and intervention for a variety of developmental, learning, and mental health issues.

    Working in school districts in specialized, high needs/behaviour settings, and residential settings with school.

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