Published: November 23, 2023
By: NewVista Psychology

Reclaiming Your Truth: A Guide to Recover from Gaslighting


Gaslighting is a form of emotional manipulation that can leave individuals feeling confused, doubting their own reality, and questioning their sanity. Recovering from gaslighting is a gradual process that involves recognizing the signs, rebuilding self-esteem, and establishing healthy boundaries. In this blog, we'll explore practical steps to help you navigate the path to healing.

1. Recognize the Gaslighting Tactics

Start by identifying the gaslighting techniques that were used against you. This may include denial of your experiences, trivializing your feelings, or shifting blame. Understanding these tactics is crucial for breaking free from their psychological impact.

2. Trust Your Instincts

Gaslighting often erodes trust in your own perceptions. Begin to trust your instincts and intuition. Your feelings are valid, and acknowledging them is the first step toward regaining a sense of self.

3. Seek Support

Reach out to friends, family, or a therapist who can provide a supportive environment. Share your experiences and feelings with people you trust. Talking openly about what you've been through can be a cathartic and validating experience.

4. Educate Yourself

Learn more about gaslighting and its effects on mental health. Knowledge is empowering, and understanding the dynamics of manipulation can help you break free from its grip.

5. Rebuild Self-Esteem

Gaslighting often leads to a decline in self-esteem. Focus on self-care, engage in activities you enjoy, and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. Surround yourself with positive influences that uplift and validate your worth.

6. Establish Boundaries

Clearly define your boundaries and communicate them assertively. Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is essential for protecting yourself from further emotional manipulation.

7. Practice Self-Compassion

Be kind to yourself during the healing process. Understand that recovery takes time, and setbacks may occur. Practice self-compassion and recognize the progress you're making.

8. Mindfulness and Grounding Techniques

Incorporate mindfulness and grounding exercises into your daily routine. These techniques can help you stay present, reconnect with your own reality, and manage anxiety or self-doubt.

9. Limit Contact with the Gaslighter

If possible, limit or cut off contact with the person who gaslighted you. This distance can provide the necessary space for healing without the interference of further manipulation.

10. Professional Help

Consider seeking therapy or counseling to work through the impact of gaslighting. A mental health professional can provide guidance, support, and coping strategies tailored to your specific needs.


Recovering from gaslighting is a journey that requires self-reflection, support, and resilience. By acknowledging the manipulation, trusting your instincts, and implementing healthy coping strategies, you can regain control over your life and rebuild a strong sense of self. Remember, healing is a process, and each step forward is a victory in reclaiming your truth.

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